Leadership Like Never Before.

Inspiration from a lifetime leader and in-demand advisor.

No one knows leadership better than Sandy Ogg. With over three decades of leadership and global experience, Sandy’s presentations are packed with invaluable wisdom and progressive strategies that help leaders transform their companies. A direct and energizing speaker, his keynote presentations inspire audiences to take action and reap the rewards of revolutionary thinking.

You won’t find these ideas elsewhere. Sandy’s unique approach to leadership challenges many of the widely accepted practices in organizational thinking. His message is one of sustainable success that not only benefits businesses but the future of the world as well. These powerful, innovative presentations add immense value to any leadership event.


Whatever you choose to do next will shape our world and our future. We’re counting on you to choose boldly and wisely.”

- Sandy Ogg

Watch: Sandy Ogg's Speaker Sizzler

Watch: Sandy Ogg intro at the Master Blackstone Conference

Watch: Sandy Ogg speaks at Authority Summit


Sandy is the person that CEOs and other heads of HR look to for advice on this topic. We have been integrating CEO.works’ intellectual property into new tools and methods of working with our clients.”

—Chris Gagnon, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company

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