/grow: The CEO’s Master Playbook for Coaching Value into Existence


We can no longer lead in conventional ways. We need to lead by design.”

We have found ourselves in the middle of a revolution that demands more of leaders than ever before. In order to stay relevant, companies must progress and grow at the same rate as technology. Linear growth is no longer enough. To win, companies must achieve exponential growth, and CEOs are the ones charged with creating a plan that accomplishes this great feat.

With the help of co-author Tero J. Kauppinen, leader and executive coach Sandy Ogg has poured his over three decades of experience into his new book, /grow: The CEO’s Master Playbook for Coaching Value into Existence. This book gives leaders the strategies needed to break through roadblocks and harness the opportunities presented by today’s environment of exponential change.

This comprehensive guide is overflowing with thought-provoking ideas and strategies that give CEOs the tools they need to lead by design. /grow provides answers to some of the tough, big-pictures questions CEOs around the world are constantly faced with, including:

How do you create exponential yet sustainable growth in a constantly changing society?

What are the elements of a skillfully designed leadership plan?

How do we harness our growth in a way that betters the world?

What does it take to bring a company into intense alignment?

How can you continuously build value for your stakeholders?

Ogg and co-author Tero J. Kauppinen provide the answers to these questions and many more between the covers of this essential guide to successful, effective leadership. Every progressive leader should have a copy on hand to reference while planning for the future. /grow holds the secrets to effective, dynamic, forward-thinking leadership.


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Tero J. Kauppinen

Meet Tero J. Kauppinen

Tero J. Kauppinen has spent over 40 years researching why some organizations are better at creating value than others. Through exhaustive research and his work as a leadership consultant, Kauppinen, like Ogg, has discovered that leadership is the energizing force behind some of the world’s most successful organizations. What’s more, he’s identified which leadership investments organizations need to make to yield exponential returns. Kauppinen’s original research and professional experience, synthesized with Sandy Ogg’s proven, practical wisdom and actionable strategies make /grow a sturdy foundation upon which leaders can rebuild their organizations for the exponential age.

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How do you design a sustainable, adaptive, profitably growing company that can thrive tomorrow? What principles and practices will deliver profitable growth over the long term? Sandy has captured the design work and the unique contributions of the CEO and their leadership team necessary to make these happen in this invaluable book.”

—Alan Mulally, retired CEO of Ford and Boeing Commercial Airplanes


As the business landscape becomes increasingly complex, it’s critical for leaders to take a fresh look at how they’re guiding their teams to succeed. /grow is a great resource that offers real-world value to C-level executives, and Ogg and Kauppinen have done a fantastic job uncovering invaluable insights about leadership and strategic decision-making.”

—Chris Nassetta, President & CEO, Hilton

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