Exponential Growth in Today’s Ever-Changing Environment.

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Sandy Ogg is a world-renowned pioneer in innovative talent and leadership practices. His groundbreaking ideas give industry leaders the tools they need to keep up in today’s ever-changing environment. Sandy’s teachings can effectively launch companies into the future, leaving the last century of now-antiquated approaches behind.


/grow: The CEO’s Master Playbook for Coaching Value into Existence

We have found ourselves in the middle of a revolution that demands more of leaders than ever before. Linear growth is no longer enough. To win, companies must achieve exponential growth, and CEOs are the ones charged with this great feat.

Sandy Ogg's and co-author, Tero J. Kauppinen’s, new book, /grow: The CEO’s Master Playbook for Coaching Value into Existence, takes a holistic approach to creating sustainable, profitable growth. This comprehensive guide is overflowing with thought-provoking ideas and cutting-edge strategies to help CEOs lead by design.

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Sandy Ogg

Meet Sandy

Innovator | Thought Leader | Author | Speaker

Sandy Ogg has dedicated his career to helping leaders around the world succeed. He is the founder of CEO.works, a consulting firm focused on changing the game of human capital. Sandy has decades of experience working with CEOs to grow their companies and cultivate exponential value for their stakeholders. He is passionate about bettering businesses and the world at large through developing C-suite leaders equipped to handle the current business landscape.

Meet Sandy
Sandy Ogg

Sandy is the person that CEOs and other heads of HR look to for advice on this topic. We have been integrating CEO.works’ intellectual property into new tools and methods of working with our clients.”

—Chris Gagnon, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company

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Always direct and often provocative.

Sandy Ogg has a talent for weaving together his decades of experience in leadership and business transformation into captivating stories that inspire and energize. From the following experiences, Sandy has collected a wealth of knowledge to share on key topics connected to C-suite leadership and talent-led business success:

Line officer at the United States Coast Guard

Chief Human Resources Officer of Unilever

Operating Partner at Blackstone

With candor and humility, Sandy challenges many of the accepted practices in organizational thinking and paves a path toward a better future for business and society.

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