Intervene with Value Coaching – Part 5

Welcome to the final part of our Connecting Talent to Value series. Now that the value has been identified, the roles have been determined, the right talent placed in those roles and we’ve factored in the risks, it’s important to remember that our work is not yet complete. Value Coaching is an ongoing process that requires adjustments… [Read the full article]

Factor in the Role/Talent Risk – Part 4

Welcome to part four of our five-part series on Connecting Talent to Value. No high-stakes venture would be worth undertaking without first considering the risks involved and determining if and how those risks are to be mitigated. We want to bend the curve upward, not the other way around so we use a simple traffic-light system… [Read the full article]

Begin Connecting Talent – Part 3

Welcome to part three of our five-part series on Connecting Talent to Value. Now that we’ve figured out which roles in the organization will deliver on the value agenda it’s time to begin filling those critical roles with the right talent. But, before we rush in, we need to carefully examine the processes typically used in… [Read the full article]